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Saints Tabernacle Christian Church Saints Tabernacle Christian Church

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Sat, Mar 16 2013
Visitors Page

Visitors Page

What are people like at Saints Tabernacle like?

At STCC, you will find everyday people that believe in God and are seeking to know Him better. We are families, singles, students, retirees, labor workers and professionals, worshiping and serving one another in a warm and welcoming environment.

What is a Saints Tabernacle Sunday morning service like?

Typically, a service begins with devotion that includes prayer, reading of scripture and song. Following devotion is corporate worship and prayer. There is a time of offering, a sermon and a closing song. On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate communion. Services are approximately two hours.

...and how do people dress?

Relax, dress is a mixture of casual but appropriate to fine dress.

How do I get to Saints Tabernacle?

STCC is located at 19521 Van Dyke Road, Detroit, Mi., which is just south of Outer Drive, at the corner of Lantz Street.

Driving Directions:

From the West: Take I-696 east to Van Dyke Ave. south.

From the East: Take I-696 west to Van Dyke Ave. south

From the North: Take I-75 south to I-696 east (or 8 Mile Road east) to Van Dyke Ave. south

From the South: Take I-75 north to 8 Mile Road east, to Van Dyke Ave. south

From the South: Take I-94 to Van Dyke Ave. north

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