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"Managing Stress" "Managing Stress"

Tue, Apr 02 2013
"Managing Stress" - Sr. Pastor Walter Davis
“Overcoming Stress” Stress is something we all face in life. Overcoming stress or correctly handling it is vital to our peace of mind. While stress is not pleasant, it is not necessarily a bad thing either. Stress can make a person stronger or it can break a person apart. It can draw a family together, or it can drive a family apart. I have learned that stress reveals character. It will show whether a person is loyal or disloyal, obedient or disobedient, kind or unkind, the list goes on and on. If a person claims to have certain positive character trait but have not demonstrated that trait under stress, they might come to the conclusion that they don’t have that trait at all. Jesus was under constant stress and was continually overcoming it while here on earth. There was always someone in the crowd just waiting to judge or accuse him and use it against him. In many cases, Jesus would not respond immediately to questions or accusations against him. Instead, he would pause, giving himself time to collect himself and think. By taking time to pause, Jesus allowed room to calm his spirit and emotions before responding in anger. Let us do likewise. Let us not make bad decisions because we are in a hurry to respond. – Pause! Relieve yourself of the pressure and give way to pray and think.
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