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Saints Tabernacle Christian Church Saints Tabernacle Christian Church

Our History Our History

Sun, Mar 17 2013
Our History
In October 1987, more than 20 years ago I fed a man for the first time after seeing him eat from a garbage can at the front entrance of a restaurant. I heard the voice of the Lord tell me to “never forget the poor,” and to “feed the hungry, as often as you can.” In the summer of 1999, I began seeing a vision of a worship environment filled with the love of God where people were able to have true fellowship with one another. Everyone who entered the doors had their needs ministered to. It was an atmosphere where the “Truth of the Word of God” was preached and taught and the quest for truth was sought without fear of criticism and condemnation. Disciples were being made and those disciples were being taught how to teach one another. In October 1999, God gave this place a name; He called it “Saints Tabernacle Christian Church.” Today God’s vision is 13 years old and through these 13 years, He has been with us, as promised, always. My heart is filled with joy as we celebrate “The Father’s Faithfulness” towards us. He has bestowed upon us His grace, power, love and many blessings that we have become the church family we are today. We invite you to come and visit our church and experience the love of God amongst our people. Sr. Pastor, Walter E. Davis III
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